Published: 5/26/2017 2:33 PM

The Division of Support and Research has created a number of forms that can be downloaded for use by schools and districts in implementing the state's Assessment and Accountability Program.

Unless otherwise noted, the form is applicable to all state assessments.

2017 Science Field Test

Through Course Tasks (TCT) Collection Form - Updated 3/10 with Electronic Upload Link
Science Summative Assessment Guidance

BAC Testing Certification - Science

Nonstandard Extended Response Template - Science

DAC/BAC Science Field Test Manual

Science Grade 4 TAM

Science Grade 7 TAM

Science Grade 11 TAM



Nonparticipation Forms

The Medical Nonparticipation Form is used to request that a student be granted a medical release from the statewide accountability program. (Note: A student's handicapping condition, if any, cannot be the basis for a medical nonparticipation.)

Information from the Medical Nonparticipation and Extraordinary Circumstances forms is submitted via SDRR. Paper forms are kept on-file in the district.

Medical Nonparticipation Form

HIPAA.doc (To accompany Medical Nonparticipation, if necessary.)

Other Forms

Medical Emergency Form


Nondisclosure Forms

Nondisclosure Form 

Nondisclosure Form for Embargoed Data

Nondisclosure Form for Preliminary QC Data


Group Nondisclosure Form for Administration Code Trainings

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