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Published: 7/30/2019 3:10 PM

The Division of Assessment and Accountability Support (DAAS) has created a number of forms that can be downloaded for use by schools and districts in implementing the state's Assessment and Accountability Program.

Unless otherwise noted, the form is applicable to all state assessments.

Helpful Assessment & Accountability Contacts

Nonparticipation Forms

The Medical Nonparticipation Form is used to request that a student be granted a medical release from the statewide accountability program. (Note: A student's handicapping condition, if any, cannot be the basis for a medical nonparticipation.) The HIPAA document should accompany the Medical Nonparticipation Form, if necessary.

The Extraordinary Circumstances Form is used to request an extraordinary circumstance nonparticipation release from the statewide accountability program.

The Medical Emergency Form is used when a student requires an accommodation they do not usually need. An example would be if a student broke their dominant hand and could not write on test day. The student would need a scribe in order to complete the test. 


Calculator Policy and Application to Request Unapproved Calculator

The KDE Calculator Policy is to be used to determine which calculators are and are not allowed on the state assessments. 

The Unapproved Calculator Guidance Document may be used by districts/schools to help determine if a student might be approved to use a calculator not on the KDE Approved list. A district/school can fill out the application for K-PREP testing or for EOC testing. (The guidance document and application form will be updated for 2019-2020.)

Seating Charts

Seating charts must be completed for all state assessments. A Group Testing seating chart is used when multiple students are tested in the same location. When students are tested one-on-one the Individual Testing seating chart would be used.


Nondisclosure Forms 

Nondisclosure forms are used for various reasons regarding assessments. The Nondisclosure Form for State Assessments would be used for any person who will handle or participate in administering test materials for any of the state assessments. A Group Nondisclosure Form is also available. The Nondisclosure Form for Embargoed Data would be used as scores and data are released to districts prior to public data release. The Nondisclosure for QC Day is for Quality Control (QC) Day when districts and schools are checking for systematic issues; this occurs prior to public release.


Administration Code/Inclusion of Special Populations Group Training Signature Sheet

Signatures are required to verify that those participating in state assessments have had the appropriate trainings required. The Administration Code Group Training Signature Sheet can be used after districts complete the Administration Code training required each year. The Inclusion of Special Populations Group Training Signature Sheet can be used after districts complete the Inclusion of Special Populations Training required each year for those who test and work with students in special populations.


K-PREP Site Visit Form

Staff from OSAA conduct site visits to selected schools across Kentucky during the K-PREP test windows. The Survey Questions form (from 2019) is completed to get feedback on processes used in the district, as well as how the testing went and what can be done by the Department to improve the assessment experience.


School Reconfiguration Forms

School Service Area or Reconfiguration Requests for the following school year must be submitted by June 30. The change request must be submitted if:

  • The grade range of an A1 school changes
  • A new A1 school opens
  • An A1 school closes
  • An A1 school boundary changes or
  • A shift in student population of greater than 40% occurs. 

Use the School Reconfiguration Spreadsheet Instructions to get step-by-step instructions on how to complete the form for any reconfigured school. The School Reconfiguration Spreadsheet provides the actual form to be completed by June 30 for any school affected.

A Reconfigurations FAQ is available to address common questions concerning school reconfiguration.

KDE DAC Information
Office of Standards, Assessment and Accountability
300 Sower Blvd., 5th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-4394

Other Forms of Interest

Specific forms are required when dealing with certain issues pertaining to assessments. 

Allegation Reporting – Used to report a testing violation or allegation


Certification of Proper Test Administration Forms

The DAC and BAC Certification of Proper Test Administration forms ask that the respective DAC or BAC certifies that their responsibilities were met on that test administration. DAC forms are returned to KDE and BAC forms remain on-file in the district; these forms are available near the corresponding assessment window. Updated forms will be available for 2019-2020 testing.

  • DAC - K-PREP
  • BAC - K-PREP
  • DAC - Field Test
  • BAC - Field Test

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