Health Services Reference Guide

Published: 10/23/2017 10:40 AM

The purpose of the Health Services Reference Guide (HSRG) is to assist schools in identifying and providing an educational environment where physical and mental barriers to learning have been reduced to allow students to achieve at high levels. 

Many students in the public schools come with chronic health conditions or illnesses that create barriers to learning and limit their educational progress. "School health programs offer the opportunity to provide the services and knowledge necessary to enable children to be productive learners and to develop the skills to make healthy decisions for the rest of their lives" -National School Board Association (1995). 
The HSRG includes information, guidelines and resources for school districts to reference as they development school district-specific policies, procedures and forms.  It is the responsibility of the local school district to keep their health services policies, procedures and forms up to date per the HSRG guidelines.
This resource is available electronically from the KDE Web site. KRS 156.501(1)(a)(3) requires that each school district to keep a copy of the HSRG in the school library. KDE recommends that a link to this online resource be available via the computers in all school libraries.
Information and resources included in the HSRG will be updated as federal or state requirements change. 
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