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Published: 1/11/2019 1:20 PM

Why is Training Required?

Per Kentucky Administrative Regulation  702 KAR 1:160, school districts must have emergency care procedures at all times when students are in school or participating in school activities. According to the regulation, there must be a school employee who is trained to administer to a student, or assist a student with the self-administration of glucagon, insulin, or seizure rescue medications. A student shall be permitted to conduct the actions and possess the supplies and equipment described in KRS  158.838 at school-related activities, regardless of whether the student is a participant or mere observer of the school-related activity.

Online Medication Administration Training for Trainers

Medication Administration Training Manual

The Medication Administration Training Manual for Unlicensed School Personnel is updated and now includes a Study Guide. An Instructor’s Guide that includes lesson plans, final exams and the skill competencies is available but there are no CD’s available as in previous years and the Instructor’s Guide will not be posted on the KDE Health Services Website to protect the integrity of the final examination for the course.

The School Nurse Train the Trainer Medication Administration Training webcasts are available on the KY TRAIN website.

Annual Medication Administration Training for Unlicensed Personnel

Trainers can provide face to face training, or use the virtual training through Kentucky TRAIN. Trainers are also responsible for providing training for unlicensed school personnel on their own school district policies, procedures and forms. They must also verify skills competency through hands on demonstration by delegated school personnel, using the 2013 Updated Medication Competency Checklist.

Per KRS.156.502, the delegation is only valid for the current school year. Training for the previous school year expires on June 30. New training cannot be taken until after July 1, or it will not apply to the next school year.

The virtual training course is available on

Online Course Modules

Course ID Numbers

Kentucky law addresses the required provision of health services to students in the school setting. Federal law covers the health services requirement for school field trips that require out of state travel.

A Kentucky nurse’s provision or delegation of health services to a school employee, for students on out-of-state, school-sponsored field trips, is regulated by the other state's Boards of Nursing. This includes all states along the travel route, as well as the final destination of the field trip. For additional information, you may contact Karen Erwin, the KDE School Nurse Consultant at

Information on regulations for Kentucky school nurses is available from:

Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN)

KBN Contact:

Arica Brandford

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