Student Health Data

Published: 8/16/2017 10:07 AM


Beginning with the 2013-14 school year, KDE will provide aggregate school health data, by district.  For more detailed student health data, please access the KDE Data Requests web page.

Please see the following document to review a summary of the current statutory and regulatory requirements and timelines for students in Kentucky Public Schools:

Kentucky's Student Health Requirements

What Should I enter Into Infinite Campus?

Sample School Board Policy - Health Requirements and Services

KDE Contact:

Please contact Angie McDonald for questions regarding student health data.

Phone: 502-564-5279, 4430


Chronic Health Conditions (Top 5)
This report captures the top five chronic health conditions of students in each district who require a health service accommodation as defined in KRS 156.502.  * Student health conditions were to be converted from ICD-9 to ICD-10 format during the 2015-16 school year.  Only ICD-10 formatted health conditions were pulled.  School districts who have not completed this conversion will have lower health condition​ numbers than in the previous years.

SY 2015-2016 Data

SY 2016-2017 Data
Preventive Health Exams for Entry Level and Grade 6
This report shows the number and percent of students in each district who have met the requirement of a preventative health exam for initial school entry and Grade 6.

SY 2015-2016 Data​

SY 2016-2017 Data

This report shows the number and percent of students in each district, by grade in school, who received a vision exam, screening or referral.  KRS 156.160 requires a vision exam for initial entry into school. 702 KAR 1:160 allows school districts to select which grades will be screened.
This report shows the number of students in each district, by grade in school, who received a hearing screening, exam or referral. Per 702 KAR 1:160, school districts select which grades will be screened.
This report shows the number of students in each district that have received a dental exam, screening or referral. ​Per KRS 156.160, a dental exam or screening is conducted between January 1 and December 31 the year of a child's initial entry to school.
Immunization Certificates
This report shows the total number of students, by district and grade, who have a current immunization certificate (including provisional, standard, medical or religious).


Body Mass Index (BMI)

SY 2015-16 Data​

SY 2016-17 Data




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