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Pupil Transportation FAQ's

Published: 5/22/2023 9:49 AM
​​​​​​​This page has been established to answer some of the most frequently​ asked questions we receive from parents and guardians.​ If you have a question you would like addressed, please contact your local district’s Director of Transportation or Pupil Transportation Branch Manager Elisa Hanley via email​ or by phone at (502) 564-5279 Ext. 4406.​

Why won't my district provide door-to-door service for my child?

Door-to-door service is not required by state regulation. In fact, door-to-door service can be very inefficient. It is the responsibility of the school district to provide safe and efficient transportation to the students. Often, providing door-to-door service is more costly to school​ districts.

I cannot see my child’s bus stop from the house. Are there state laws that set the standards for bus stop location?

State law does not require a parent to see the bus stop from home. Students in Kentucky may be assigned to a bus stop up to one mile from their home. We encourage parents to accompany their child to the bus stop whenever possible. Bus stop locations are determined by each district and take into consideration many safety aspects of the area.

I work and cannot pick my child up from the bus stop. Can they drop my child off at our home or change the time they drop-off my child?

School bus stops are placed for safety and efficiency purposes. While we understand the location and schedule may be inconvenient, proper supervision shall be provided by the parent or designee before the bus picks up a child and after the bus drops off the child. If your district requires a designated person to be at the bus stop to pick up the child, the parents shall make the proper arrangements.

I have small children and cannot get t​o the bus stop to drop-off or pick-up my child. Can the bus pick-up and drop-off my child at home?

Each child must be picked-up at their designated stop. While we understand the location and schedule may be inconvenient, proper supervision shall be provided by the parent or designee before a bus picks up a child and after the bus drops off the child. If your district requires a designated person to be at the bus stop to pick-up the child, the parents shall make the proper arrangements.

Are sidewalks required for my child to get to his or her bus stop?

Many students walk alongside of roadways to reach their bus stop and in some instances no sidewalks exist. While we understand this may be of concern in some situations, the Kentucky Department of Education does not promulgate bus stop placement. Issues relating to where a child’s bus stop is located and safety concerns along the way to the bus stop must be addressed with the local district in which you reside.

How can I be reimbursed for transporting my child?

As a parent, if you are transporting your child and they are eligible for transportation, you should contact your local school district and request transportation. Parents are not afforded the option of being paid for transporting their child when service is provided by the district, but is not accepted by the parent. 

I want my child to wait inside of my house until the bus is at the bus stop. Why do they have to go to the designated stop?

Students should be waiting at their bus stop five minutes before the expected arrival of the school bus. School bus drivers count the students at the bus stop before they load and as they get on the bus to ensure all students are accounted for and are safely on board. If students are not waiting at the bus stop, the school bus driver cannot count them and cannot be certain all students are all safely on board. Waiting at the bus stop before​ the bus arrives ensures that no one chases after the bus. It is dangerous to chase after a bus and may cause injury or even death to a student. Some districts may instruct their buses not to stop at locations where no students are waiting. Be sure to check your local district policy.

My child missed the bus and I took them to another stop. I was then told this was not allowed. Is that correct?

That is correct. Like a classroom, each stop has designated students. If your child missed the bus, they should be driven to school – not to another bus stop.

The school bus driver wouldn’t let me on the bus to talk to them. Why?

A parent should never enter a school bus without the direct written consent of the school district Superintendent. Any issues or complaints should be directed to the district's Director of Transportation or their designee. A school bus is a safe zone for students and only those with proper authorization will be allowed. Attempts to enter or delay a school bus will cause other students to wait longer and may even put them in danger. The school bus is an extension of the classroom and all rules of the school apply on the school bus as well.

My child has an IEP, but transportation is not being provided. Why is this?

A student who has an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) does not automatically receive transportation unless the IEP team deems it necessary and writes it into their related services. If transportation is not included on the IEP, your child will not be provided special accommodations and will be transported as other regular education students in your district.

Are school bus drivers required to be CPR certified?

No. Drivers receive basic first aid training and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training but are not required to be certified.​​

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