Pursuant to Senate Bill 1, 2021 Extraordinary Session, districts are required to submit their current COVID-19 School Operations Plan and any subsequent drafts to KDE for informational purposes.
Districts may submit their plans to KDE using this form.

Grant Information

Federal Grants

Published: 9/29/2022 11:00 AM
​​​​​​​​​Federal Grant information for Kentucky School districts​

School Districts will find the CDIP MUNIS Funding Matrix, Federal Allocations, Award Notifications, Declaration of Participation, NCLB Transferability and Maintenance of Effort on this site. 
Please note:  The information contained on this page is frequently updated.
Note: Release of New Year funds is contingent upon the following:  District Funding Assurances completed in GMAP, District Funding Assurances Statement uploaded in GMAP by the superintendent (not the designee), Federal Cash Request Statement of Assurances uploaded in GMAP and an approved GMAP application (Consolidated, IDEA and Perkins).

Federal Cash Requests
For the 2020 Federal Cash Request Form contact Shara Wiley at (502)564-1979 or Shara.wiley@education.ky.gov​​
Funding Matrix Documents

Federal Allocations

FY2018-2019 District Allocations 032020

FY2019-2020 District Allocations 062921

FY2020-2021 District Allocations 020121

FY2021-2022 District Allocations 031522

FY2022-2023 Preliminary District Allocations 06-24-22

CARES Act Allocations 021921

Last Mile Internet Revised Allocations 120120

ESSER I_ESSER II_ARP ESSER Allocations 062921

ESSER II State Set-Aside Allocations 082021

American Rescue Plan Allocations 013122


Federal Award Notifications


ESSER Revised Awards 021921

ESSER II Award Notifications 021921

GEER Revised Awards 021921

FY2021 Digital Learning Coaches 042622 Round 1

FY2021 Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund II–State Set-Aside 052721

ARP ESSER Award Notifications 062921

Last Mile Internet Award Notifications 012221

Kentucky Virtual Library Award Notification 110421

ARP IDEA B Award Notifications 070921

ARP IDEA PRESCHOOL Award Notifications 070921

FY2022 Digital Learning Coaches 052422 Round 2

FY2022 American Relief Plan-Homeless Children and Youth Phase II Award Notifications 041122

FY2023 Digital Learning Coaches 063022 Round 2

Kentucky Virtual Library Award Notifications 091922 Round 2

Title I Part A

Title I School Improvement Part A


Title I School Improvement Part G 
Title I Part C Migrant 

Title II Part A Supporting Effective Instruction
Title III English Language Learners
Title III Immigrant
Title IV- A Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant

FY2019 Awards

FY2019 Revised Awards

FY2020 Awards

FY2020 Revised Awards

FY2021 Awards 

FY2021 Revised Awards

FY2022 Awards


21st Century Community Learning Centers
Title V Rural & Low Income Schools 

IDEA B Basic


IDEA B Preschool
Stewart McKinney Homeless
Emailed to Districts with MOA
Title II Part C Perkins
Striving Readers

Helpful Links

Uniform Grant Guidance  

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