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District Financial Audits

Published: 4/26/2021 7:15 AM
Local school districts are audited annually by independent certified public accountants (CPA's).  This webpage contains valuable information that can be used to assist district Finance Officers and their Independent Auditors in performing the annual review of local school district financials.
Financial Audit Report Information
KDE has provided some helpful documents below to assist districts and auditors in the audit process.

Frequently Asked Audit Questions FY2021
The optional AFR and Balance Sheet Validation Module, also known as the "Audit Review Template", is located within the SEEK District Data Submission Program.  KDE encourages the districts' superintendents and finance officers, working with their auditors, to complete the AFR and Balance Sheet Validation module, which will assist the districts in determining any material discrepancies between the districts' Audited Annual Financial Reports and Balance Sheets and the Audit Reports or proposed audit data. The Instructions are located below.
The Management Letter Comments spreadsheet is required if the audit report consists of management letter comments. Provided below are the instructions and the template that the auditor is required to complete, and then submit to KDE.


Below are links to the School District Financial Audits for the last two fiscal years.

District Financial Audits FY2019-2020

District Financial Audits FY2018-2019

Desk Review Information
KDE engaged the Auditor of Public Accounts (APA) to review the districts’  audit reports for technical compliance and adherence to reporting standards. The summary results from APA’s review are recorded in the ‘Independent Accountant’s Report On Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures To The Kentucky Department Of Education Uniform Guidance Desk Reviews For The Fiscal Year June 30, 2019 Audit Reports’ located on the Auditor of Public Accounts website. To review the reports, under the "Online Audit Search, Audit Reports"  headings, type "Desk Review" in the box titled "Type keywords or search terms here" , then click the  "Begin Search" button, and then select the specific fiscal year Desk Review Report.

Districts and their auditors were sent the detailed results of the desk reviews. Auditors were required to correct any audit report classified as technically deficient and reissue the audit report.  The Desk Review Findings – Audit Report Classification report is listed below. Request for copies of the detailed results of the desk reviews may be obtained by contacting the below KDE representatives or the districts' auditor or finance officer.

FY 2019 Uniform Guidance Desk Review Findings - Audit Report Classification
APA's website also consists of other useful information, such as School District Examinations that are located at the website link mentioned above under "Audit Reports"
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