Advisory Groups

Published: 6/26/2019 2:54 PM

With the passage of Senate Bill 1 (2017) in the Kentucky General Assembly, the Commonwealth of Kentucky is poised at the beginning of a new era in public school assessment and accountability. Senate Bill 1 (2017) addresses many areas – what will be tested, how subjects will be tested, when tests are given, what should comprise the public school accountability system, and more. This effort includes four advisory groups charged with helping the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) build a better assessment and accountability system. The groups are comprised of educators and citizens, legislators, testing and measurement experts and legislative staff.

National Technical Advisory Panel on Assessment and Accountability (NTAPAA) 

The NTAPAA panel is  composed of no fewer than three professionals with a variety of expertise in education testing and measurement, and are appointed by the Legislative Research Commission. The panel shall advise the Commission and upon approval of the director of the Commission, the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) and the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE). 

Legislative Research Commission (LRC)

The Legislative Research Commission (LRC) makes appointments to the National Technical Advisory Panel on Assessment and Accountability. This group advises the legislature and KBE concerning technical aspects of assessment and accountability. The panel members are nationally recognized testing experts and most of the members have participated in evaluations of Kentucky's previous testing system. The Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) and the Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR) are searchable from the LRC site.

Education Assessment and Accountability Review Subcommittee (EAARS)

The Legislative Research Commission (LRC) appoints the Education Assessment and Accountability Review Subcommittee (EAARS) that advises KBE on the development of the assessment and accountability system, and will consider the regulations promulgated.

Office of Education Accountability (OEA)

The Office of Education Accountability (OEA) is charged with advising the Legislative Research Commission and the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) on the Kentucky School Testing System. Input and feedback from Kentucky citizens and educators on how to design a fair accountability system is both welcomed and valued. 

To read the minutes from these committees go to the LRC Search area, choose the Meeting Minutes tab, then search for the name, such as NTAPAA.

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Advisory Groups




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