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Quality of School Climate and Safety

Published: 3/9/2020 2:13 PM

​The Quality of School Climate and Safety indicator is one of six indicators in Kentucky's accountability system that contribute to the school's or district's overall star rating.

The quality of school climate and safety indicator will include perception data from surveys that measure insight into the school environment. The Kentucky Board of Education will approve any measures prior to implementation.  Use of the indicator is planned to begin during the 2019-2020 school year.

The Quality of School Climate and Safety Survey, to be administered during the field test window of February 24 – March 6 contains two forms: Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8, 10 and 11. Each form contains 30 statements for which students are prompted to respond whether they strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree.

The survey items are available for each form:

The survey will be modified and number of items reduced for students who participate in the Alternate Assessment program.

Those students will take the survey during the Alternate Assessment Window 2.

The Quality of School Climate and Safety indicator results will be included in 2019-2020 accountability at the weight of four percent of the overall accountability score.

KDE DAC Information
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​Beginning in 2018-19, an overall 5-star rating will be determined by setting standards for low to high performance on six indicators.


Achievement Gap, though not an indicator, will be used to reduce a 4 or 5 star rating by one star, if significant achievement gaps are found in schools or districts.

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