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Published: 4/17/2018 9:08 AM

​The Kentucky Innovation Lab Network is a partnership between local school districts and the Kentucky Department of Education to provide a space for sharing innovative strategies and learning about ways to transform our education system. KDE participates in the Council of Chief State School Officers Innovation Lab Network and is committed to working with a set of peer states, as well as a group of leading districts within Kentucky, to advance new models of learning that can best prepare all students for success in the 21st century.

​Any Kentucky districts with a true commitment to implementing educational initiatives such as personalized learning, and who are interested in furthering their conversations with a cohort of committed peers, are welcome to join the ILN by filling out a letter of commitment. Directions for returning the LOC are at the bottom of the document.

KDE believes that the greatest benefit of participation in the KYILN is the chance to network with other Kentucky districts, as well as schools and organizations outside of the state, to share best practices and learning. In addition, KDE commits to the KYILN districts in the following ways:

    1. Ongoing technical assistance, supports, and continued coordination from KDE and its partners.

    2. Support from KDE for the identification, evaluation, and dissemination of best practices to KYILN districts and more broadly.

    3. Access to CCSSO and its resources, including a chance to attend CCSSO convenings.

    4. The opportunity to join KYILN or CCSSO initiatives; for example, districts may join a personalized learning study group.

    5. Access to sources of funding to support personalized learning implementation whenever possible; for example, KDE's Personalized Learning Study Group Travel Fund Grant is intended to facilitate cross-country travel to visit exemplar school models, available only to applicants who are members of the KYILN.

In return, districts indicate a commitment to the work of the KYILN, including some of the following practices:

    1. Districts will make an effort to send representatives to an annual convening.

    2. Districts will make an effort to have representatives on monthly calls.

    3. Districts agree to be available to other local districts as a resource.

    4. Districts will participate in at least one of the KYILN or CCSSO initiatives during the school year. Examples may include: joining a personalized learning study group; contributing to educational research efforts; giving feedback on a glossary of transformative educational terms; or other projects that may arise.

    5. Each participating district will submit an annual report that highlights 2-3 district specific policies and/or practices. The focus of these reports should emphasize approaches that move toward vastly improved levels of student learning and success through redesigned systems.

More information about the KYILN, including resources, are available on the KY Innovation Lab Network SharePoint site. (Microsoft login credentials required).

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