Working Conditions Goal: Leadership Surveys

Published: 4/28/2017 12:54 PM

This page is currently undergoing updates to reflect the changes established in Senate Bill 1 (2017). Senate Bill 1, (effective immediately due to an emergency clause) brings significant change to Kentucky’s Professional Growth and Effectiveness System. It requires districts to implement a personnel evaluation system aligned to a statewide framework that promotes continuous professional growth and development of skills needed to be a highly effective teacher or administrator. If you have questions related to the Working Conditions Goals and Leadership Surveys, please contact Jim Freeman at (502) 564-1479. 

TELL KY Survey (Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning)  
The TELL KY survey, administered at the school level, is designed to reflect the perceptions of the working conditions for school level personnel. The TELL KY survey is a contributing source of evidence for professional practice through the creation of a Working Conditions Goal (WCG) (704 KAR 3:370 Section 1, (36)). In collaboration with evaluators, principals use TELL KY survey results to identify an area of focus to establish a two-year WCG. Because the WCG is based on whole staff feedback, it is a powerful way to enhance professional performance and, in turn, positively impact school culture and student success. 

VAL-ED 3600 (Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education)

The VAL-ED 3600 survey is given once every two years in the opposite year of the TELL Kentucky survey. The survey allows for perception feedback on leadership behaviors that influence the school’s academic and social learning environment. 

While VAL-ED 3600 results serve as a formative source of evidence for a principal’s professional practice (704 KAR 3:370 Section 10,(6)), results may also be utilized in the yearly review process to help monitor the two-year Working Conditions Goal.
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