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Kentucky Summative Assessment

Published: 12/16/2021 10:26 AM

​​​​​Kentucky students take the Kentucky Summative Assessments (KSA) to meet federal and state testing requirements. Previously, these tests were called Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP). They are developed by Kentucky teachers and align with the Kentucky Academic Standards in each content area. 

KSA are the annual summative assessments given in grades 3 through 8, 10 and 11 to Kentucky public school students. KSA provides content area assessments, including reading and mathematics at all grades, and science, social studies, writing, and editing and mechanics once per grade band (i.e. elementary, middle, and high).

These assessments are Kentucky’s measure of student proficiency and progress on the state content standards. These standards establish goals for what all students should know and be able to do in each grade. KSA are online assessments with only a small percentage of accommodated students taking it on paper. It goes beyond multiple-choice questions to include extended response and technology-enhanced items for students to demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Assessments provide critical information about student learning, but no single assessment should ever be the sole factor in making an educational decision. It is important to remember that assessments provide only one measure of student learning, but when combined with grades, classroom activities, unit quizzes and tests, and district-level assessments, the end-of-year assessments can help provide a more complete picture of a child’s abilities over the course of the school year and path toward academic success on these content standards. ​

For KSA, students receive a separate scale score and performance level (distinguished, proficient, apprentice, and novice). Writing scores will include editing and mechanics and on-demand writing. Scale scores are reported as numbers, while performance levels are descriptive. Performance levels are different by content area. These levels indicate performance on groups of items that measure similar skills.​


​​​​​​Kentucky Academic Standards

Please visit KYstandards.org to find the adopted Kentucky Academic Standards for reading, mathematics, science, social studies, editing and mechanics, and writing.

Important Resources for Spring 2021-2022  Testing

Please visit Assessment Blueprint - Kentucky Department of Education to find the blueprints for reading, editing and mechanics, writing, and social studies. Please download the Science Assessment Blueprint. ​

Kentucky Academic Standards Science Rubric

Item Review Resources 

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Performance Level Descriptors

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KSA Math Reference Sheets

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Scoring Guides

Coming Spring 2022

Short Answer Response Space

Extended Response Answer Space


On-Demand Writing (ODW) Rubrics and Writer's Reference Sheets

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KAS Writer's Reference Sheets 

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KAS Rubrics

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​2021-2022 Testing Window

Online Testing Information

2021-2022 Resources will be available as developed. Look for updates frequently on this page.

Online Testing Toolbox 
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Contains links to resources, tools, practice tests, tutorials, technical information, and accommodations information.

In an effort to reduce testing allegations, OAA has provided districts and schools with the Accommodated Bookmarks(Coming Soon), which offer a quick reference sheet for the do’s and don’ts when providing testing accommodations.



TestNAV Training

Creating Test Sessions in PAN

Seal Codes for Online Testing

Additional TestNAV Info for Test Proctors

Checking for Disabled Accounts in PAN 

Disabling the Gamebar and Siri for Online Testing


Certification of Proper Test Administration Forms are due within 2 weeks following the close of the test window.

Operational Test

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Field Test

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Non-Standard Response Templates

Do not change the margins or font size on the templates.

Extended Response

Short Answer

OnDemand Writing

Science Grades 4, 7 & 11

Google Docs Guidelines


KSA Sample/Released Items (Coming Soon)

School Report Card Suite

Assessment and Accountability Resources


DAC Monday Emails

DAC Trainings and Webcasts

Alternate Assessment Information

KDE DAC Information
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