Districts of Innovation

Published: 9/5/2017 8:39 AM

KRS 156.108 and 160.107 (House Bill 37, enacted 2012) provide Kentucky public school districts the opportunity to apply to the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) to be exempt from certain administrative regulations and statutory provisions, as well as waiving local board policy, in an effort to improve the learning of students. By "re-thinking" what a school might look like, districts will be able to redesign student learning in an effort to engage and motivate more students and increase the numbers of those who are college- and career-ready.

Our current Districts of Innovation (DOI) strongly support this initiative as evidenced by the comments below.

"Being a District of Innovation has been life-changing for Eminence Schools." - Superintendent Buddy Berry, Eminence Independent

"If you would like to be able to have freedom to think outside the box and be creative about how and when you get curriculum to your students then you need to apply to be a District of Innovation." - Superintendent Roger Cook, Taylor County

"The District of Innovation designation has helped the Owensboro Public Schools chart a course for making our already very good district even better by focusing on innovation around the instructional core.  It has helped us add significant connections to postsecondary education and the business community has created a sharper vision of what college and career readiness really means for our students and our community." - Superintendent Nicholas Brake, Owensboro Independent

"What I also appreciated about having DOI status is that – even with topics considered to be off the table  - KDE has been extremely encouraging and willing not only to talk about those topics, but to consider new ideas. As result, I believe we are truly on our way to being able to create a personalized learning experience for each child, and ultimately, I believe all aspects of the system will begin to take shape in a way that supports this."  - Former Superintendent Carmen Coleman, Danville Independent

Links are provided below to access information regarding Districts of Innovation, the application and scoring rubric. Applications must be submitted no later than 180 days prior to implementation.

701 KAR 5140 Regulation governing Districts of Innovation

KRS 156.108 and 160.107  District of Innovation statutes

District of Innovation Application

Districts of Innovation Application Guidance

Districts of Innovation Application Scoring Rubric​​

2016 District of Innovation Monitoring Reports

2015 District of Innovation Monitoring Reports​


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