Safe Schools

Safe Schools Data Collection and Reporting

Published: 5/29/2018 9:07 PM

Safe Schools data is collected and reported via the state's student information system, Infinite Campus. This page provides data standards for data entry of discipline events and resolutions, reporting timeline and requirements.

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Safe Schools state, district and school level data are available via the School Report Card, Learning Environment Tab.

Verification Instructions for Safety Data on School Report Card

2018-19 Upcoming Changes

  • Law and board violations will be integrated into the local event type at the Behavior Admin level

  • Users will not select a law or board violation on the Behavior Event portion of the Behavior Management Tool

  • Drug and Weapon events will utilize the participant level fields to identify the specific drug or weapon to reduce duplicate data entry

  • Infinite Campus will create a new local event type for each state violation code, reference Behavior Event Code List

  • Drug type options will be updated, reference Drug Options List

  • Weapon type options will be updated reference Weapon Options List

  • Existing local event types at the district and school will be end dated

  • Districts will have the ability to add local event types using a State Event Code (Mapping)

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