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Kentucky Student Information Systems (KSIS)

KSIS Data Visualization

Published: 11/1/2021 2:43 PM
​The KSIS Data Visualization dashboards can help state and district administrators simplify data analysis.  The dashboards provide current data for all students that can be filtered and refined to see more granular detail. The tool can be used to guide an action plan to help one individual student or a group of students. ​

Dashboards are accessible through Infinite Campus; user rights must be set up by local Infinite Campus administrator. Currently the dashboards include demographics, behavior, attendance and equity views. Each area contains various views of the data such as charts, heat maps and spreadsheets. System users can download or print the data for their specific purpose.

Visit this webpage for continually updated resources to support use of this powerful tool.

​What's New

The new Equity Dashboard suite provides visualizations of under- or over-representation of various demographic groups on several indicators: special education, chronic absenteeism, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, gifted and talented, advanced coursework/dual credit, CTE coursework, CTE completers, and benchmarks. The dashboard is designed to offer a “big picture” look to help schools and districts identify areas needing further attention.

Resources including the Equity Dashboard Guidance Document, the ‘How Does the Equity Dashboard Determine Risk?’ video, and the ‘Technical Orientation to the Equity Dashboard’ video are available to support teams in utilizing this tool on the Equity Dashboard webpage. ​



Training videos for the Infinite Campus Data Analysis Portal are available within the Campus Community Data Visualization forum. Infinite Campus login credentials are required to access the videos.

Statewide School and District Advisory Group
  • Boone County, Chris Brauch
  • Boyd County, Dara’Su Stevens-Williams
  • Campbell County, Mark Krummen
  • Covington Independent, Sunny Collins
  • Danville Independent, Ron Ballard
  • Erlanger-Elsmere Independent, Shawn Neace
  • McCracken County, Brian Bowland​
  • Oldham County, Melissa Abernathy
  • Paducah Independent, Troy Brock


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