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Published: 9/4/2019 2:30 PM

This page offers reference information to enhance Kentucky Student Information System (KSIS) users' knowledge and to document processes not covered in other KSIS resource materials.​​​​​​​​​​​

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kentucky End-of-Year Checklist - The Kentucky End-of-Year checklist provides information on certain activities that need to be performed with Infinite Campus at the end of the school year. Performing these steps aids in closing out current year and preparing for the next school year. (Updated 5/25/16)
  • State Reporting Quick Reference Guide - The State Reporting Quick Reference Guide provides descriptions of state reports available in Infinite Campus. (Updated 8/12/19)
  • State Published Ad Hoc Filters - State published ad hoc filters provide KSIS users with tools to filter, display and report specific database information based on defined criteria. The State Published Ad Hoc Filters list provides a description of the purpose of each filter. (Updated 8/22/2019)​
  • State Reporting Deadlines, Submission Processes and Contacts - The State Reporting Deadlines, Submission Processes and Contacts chart includes reporting contacts, due dates and submission processes to help districts with state reporting. (Updated 9/19/2017)
  • Transition to Post Secondary Guidelines - Transition to postsecondary data (formerly titled Transition to Adult Life) is reported for each student who earned a regular or an alternative high school diploma prior to the end of the regular school year (June 30).  The Transition to Post Secondary guidelines provide information about transition data entry requirements, reports, and definitions.
  • Military Connected Student Data Collection Form - Districts may customize the sample Military Student Data Collection form sample form to collect information regarding a parent/guardian who is currently serving as an active duty member of the U.S. armed forces. (Added 2/1/2018)
  • School Report Card - Refer to the Reports and ad hoc Filters list (Updated 7/7/17) for tools to validate school and district data for School Report Card. ​The School Report Card Collector Fields​ document​ (2016-17 SRC) includes the most recent guidance for calculating the school-level spending per student.
  • Infinite Campus Mobile Portal Information - Refer to the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal information for details on this application that parents can use to access their student's data. The application provides real-time data and is easy to use anytime, anywhere from an iOS or Android device.
  • Active Directory/Infinite Campus Integration in the KETS Environment - Review the LDAP section of the KSIS Cloud District Technical Reference for KDE technical guidance including recommendations for districts that are implementing the Active Directory integration feature of Infinite Campus. More information is available in the Campus Community LDAP Authentication document. This guidance is not intended to replace the Campus document mentioned but rather supplements it with Kentucky-specific information.
  • Data Extract Utility Resources - Many districts are switching to the new Data Extract Utility client. For more information, consult the following links. Data Extract Utility Client (.zip) | Documentation | WebEx 
  • Infinite Campus Release Schedule - Refer to the 2019 Infinite Campus Release Schedule for planned dates. The schedule is also located on the KSIS home page
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