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Certified Evaluation Planning

Published: 9/30/2019 1:09 PM

A local Certified Evaluation Plan (CEP) outlines procedures and contains forms needed to evaluate certified personnel below the level of superintendent in Kentucky public schools. A local CEP is developed by an evaluation committee (also known as a 50/50 committee) to meet all the requirements of the Kentucky Framework for Personnel Evaluation (704 KAR 3:370). An evaluation committee is responsible for developing a CEP that clearly defines the processes and procedures to evaluate all certified personnel below the level of superintendent. The 50/50 committee develops and submits the plan to the local board of education for approval as well as to the KDE for final approval prior to implementation ( KRS 156: 557,  704 KAR 3:370)

2019-20 CEP guidance

With no changes to the Framework for Personnel Evaluation (704 KAR 3:370), no changes are required to certified evaluation plans(CEP) for the 2019-20 school year. However, districts are encouraged to convene the 50/50 committee to review and discuss the currently approved plan for any potential changes that may need to be addressed.

Districts are only required to submit a plan for review by the department if:

  • Substantive changes are made to the approved 2018-19 CEP
  • Procedural changes are made (i.e. addition or removal of sources of evidence, number of observations, decision rules, etc.)
  • The district does not have a 2018-19 plan approved by KDE

If no changes are made to the CEP, please refer to your local district polices for local board approval requirements.

CEP submission criteria:

  • Prior to submission, gain local school board approval for the district CEP.
  • Attach the assurances document, signed and dated by the board chair and superintendent.
  • Unlock the Word or pdf document so that comments may be added during the review process.
  • Highlight all changes from the 2018-19 CEP.
  • Submit the plan to


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