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Certified Evaluation Planning

Published: 8/2/2022 3:59 AM

Certified Evaluation Plans 2021-2022

KRS 156.557(c) requires the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) to adopt administrative regulations incorporating written guidelines for a local school district to follow in implementing the personnel evaluation system. This can be found in 704 KAR 3:370.

704 KAR 3:370, Section 4, contains the requirement for a district certified evaluation plan (CEP) to be submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE):

Section 4. Department Approval of District Personnel Evaluation Plan. The department shall review each local school district's certified evaluation plan and approve a certified evaluation plan that is consistent with the requirements of KRS 156.557 and this administrative regulation.

Section 5 of the regulation addresses Revisions to Previously Approved District Evaluation Plans. However, the language of Section 5 only requires that the revised CEP be reviewed and approved by the local board of education.

Section 5. Revisions to Previously Approved District Evaluation Plan. (1) The local board of education shall review, as needed, the district's certified evaluation plan to ensure compliance with KRS 156.557 and this administrative regulation.  (2) If a source of evidence is added or removed from the certified evaluation plan or if a decision rule or calculation is changed in the summative rating formula, the revised certified evaluation plan shall be reviewed and approved by the local board of education. If the local board of education determines the changes do not meet the requirements of KRS 156.557, the certified evaluation plan shall be returned to the certified evaluation committee for revision.

Therefore, districts are only required to submit their initial CEP to KDE for approval under 704 KAR 3:370, Section 4. Once the district has had a CEP approved by KDE, then Section 5 governs revisions to the CEP. These revisions can be handled at the local level.

Per KRS 156.557(9), KDE staff is available to provide technical assistance to local districts to eliminate deficiencies and to improve the effectiveness of the evaluation system.

Initial Certified Evaluation Training

Per KRS 156.557(5)(c)4., evaluators shall be trained, tested, and approved in accordance with administrative regulations adopted by the Kentucky Board of Education in the proper techniques for effectively evaluating certified school personnel. Evaluators shall receive support and resources necessary to ensure consistent and reliable ratings.

The Principal Partnership Project (P3) team has established the two-day training to support all new administrators in meeting the evaluation requirements of KRS 156.557 and 704 KAR 3:370 outlined in each district Certified Evaluation Plan (CEP).

Please visit the Initial Certified Evaluation Training webpage for a list of opportunities and registration.

For questions related to certified evaluation, please contact Todd Davis at or (502)564-5846.


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