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Published: 11/15/2018 1:50 PM

Welcome to the Division of Learning Services.  This site includes information on all aspects of special education programs in public schools.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.  If you need further assistance with finding information on special education programs in Kentucky's public schools, please contact us.

Parent Resources

Parent Involvement Initiative Webpage

The Parent Involvement Initiative is part of the Kentucky Department of Education’s State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG), funded by the Office of Special Education Programs and managed by the University of Kentucky. It is designed to promote stakeholder engagement in Kentucky Department of Education initiatives. This website provides a Kentucky Parent Guide for Special Education, a Parent Involvement Video Series, and other helpful resources.

Parent Involvement Initiative Webpage Welcome Letter
A companion to the resource above, this letter can be used to help inform those whom work with parents of special education children of this helpful resource.

Dispute Resolution Process
This page explains the dispute resolution options available to parents and includes forms, resources, and IDEA due process hearing and appeal decisions

General Resources

Contact Information

This page lists programs and services offered by the Division of Learning Services.  This page will provide email links directly to the contact person for the program or service you are seeking.

Question and Answer Documents

This page contains various Question and Answer documents created by the Division of Learning Services.

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