Teaching and Learning Career Pathway - Beta

Published: 10/5/2017 7:51 AM

The Office of Teaching and Learning and the Office of Career and Technical Education have co-developed a new education career pathway to provide students an additional pathway choice and to support the recruitment of a diverse and effective educator workforce in Kentucky. The 2017-2018 school year will serve as the beta year to collect data and assess all components of the pathway.

Focused on general theory and practice of learning and teaching, basic principles of educational psychology, art of teaching, planning and administration of educational activities, school safety and health issues, and social foundations of education, the pathway is designed to:

  • Provide a balance of scholarly and clinical experiences and emphasize reflective practice 
  • Create authentic experiences that engage students in effective educator practices.
  • Create knowledge, skills and dispositions of effective educators
  • Engage rising educators as participants in the statewide community of educators 

To complete the Teaching and Learning Career Pathway, students must complete three (3) required courses plus one (1) selected course, and receive a qualifying score on one (1) of the three (3) assessment options.

The tables below provide the required courses, the additional course options, as well as the available assessment options.
Students must complete the following three (3) required Teaching and Learning Career Pathway courses:
Students select one (1) additional Teaching and Learning Career Pathway Course from the following options:
*Qualified teacher leaders must possess a minimum of a Rank II and have 5 years of teaching experience. 

During the 2017-2018 beta year, students may participate in one of the following assessments:

The following universities are prepared to offer dual credit opportunities for each of the courses in the Teaching and Learning Career Pathway.

Learning Communities
Learner Centered Classrooms (331031)
The Professional Educator (331033)
Kentucky State University
Karen Heavin
Intro to Education
EDU 101 (3 credits)
Cultural Responsiveness EDU 204 (3 credits)
Classroom and Learning Management
EDU 304 (3 credits)
Students may take discipline specific course as 4th course.
Murray State University
Robert Lyons
Intro to Education
EDU 104 (3 credits)
Psychology of Human Development
EDP 260 (3 credits)
Educating Students with Disabilities
SED 300 (3 credits)
Students may take discipline-specific course as 4th course.
Northern Kentucky University
Sara Runge
Orientation: Education
Profession/Program EDU 104  (1 credit)
Introduction to
Education EDU 305  (2 Credits)
Human Growth
and Development EDU 300 (3 credits)
New NKU course for 2017-18; Course code TBD
(3 Credits)
Racism and Sexism in Educational Institutions  EDU 316 (3 credits)
Must be taken before Capstone course can be taken online taught by NKU faculty.
University of Louisville
Amy Lingo
Teaching Profession
EDTP 201 (3 credits)
Building Learning Communities
EDTP 328 (3 credits)
Foundations of Instruction
EDTP 215 (3 credits)
Students may take discipline-specific course as 4th course.


Schools/Districts interested in offering the Teaching and Learning Career Pathway should contact Kelly Stidham to discuss the program of studies, resources, and dual credit opportunities.


For additional information, contact:

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