Alternative Education Programs

Student Information System-Alternative Programs and ILPA

Published: 10/22/2018 11:28 AM
This page provides data standards and instructions for use of the Individual Learning Plan Addendum (ILPA) in Infinite Campus.  The data standards also provide school detail standards for off-site alternative education programs and course detail standards for on-site alternative education programs.

Please note that the ILPA in Infinite Campus is required for all students transitioning into a district-operated alternative education program including onsite, A5 and A6 programs for long term placement as defined by the local district. 

Alternative Education Programs/ILPA Data Standards

ILPA with Smart Goals PowerPoint

Alternative Education Programs/ILPA Training PowerPoint
Resources for use of ILPA in Infinite Campus:
ILPA User Security Instruction

ILPA Set-up Instruction

ILPA Team Member District Assignment Instruction

Alternative education programs that serve students from outside districts should reference the Alternative Education Programs/Out of District Services data standards.

KECSAC facilities should reference the Alternative Education Programs/KECSAC Data Standards.
All programs should reference the Student Records Transfer Data Standards to ensure policies and procedures are in place to transfer student data in a timely manner.

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